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In Balance SPA

There are nine rejuvenating therapies to choose from. Our aromatherapist can also create a customized therapy for hotel guests.
  • The tranquil and comfortable aromatherapy salon has simple interiors with the natural scent of plants. It is the perfect place for relaxation after a long travel or busy work schedule. Let the combined massage and customized natural essential oil from our aromatherapist make you feel refreshed and energized. Choose from nine rejuvenating aromatherapy procedures, or ask our aromatherapist for a customized therapy.
  • 12:00 ~ 23:00
    For off-hour therapy, please contact the aromatherapy salon 12 hours in advance.
    • For reservations, please call: 03-3980988 ext. 3940
    From a thorough head and eyes pressure relaxation with a firm strength, to neck and shoulders muscles soothing with a light essential oil massage
    30mins / NT$1,600
    Spine Harmonizer
    Therapeutic acupressure relaxes your body, then a concentrated treatment on specific points and muscles of back, shoulder and head with pure essential oil. (For 60mins you may request for entire body massage.)
    40mins / NT$2,000
    60mins / NT$3,000
    Travelers Stress Release
    This quietening signature massage soothes muscles with deep and gentle movements to relax the body. Start with warm foot bath, followed by herb compress on your back then warm oil massage for your entire body
    90mins / NT$4,500
    90mins / NT$4,500
    Jetlag Body Repair
    A top to toe circulation boost. By stimulating and invigorating the body’s circulation, this treatment relieves the tiredness associated with travel or over-work. Start with herb Jacuzzi, followed by therapeutic acupressure which unties your knots then warm oil massage for your entire body.
    90mins / NT$ 4,000
    Deep Relax Package
    The ultimate relaxation experience. Begin with an infused private bath soak with mixed herbs and pure essential oil, followed by Aromatherapy massage with warm oil for your entire body, then experience customized aroma facial care.
    120mins / NT$ 5,000
    Meridian Acupressure
    An ancient massage that combines acupressure and palm pressure to release muscle tension, activate circulation and increase vitality. Massage for the entire body.
    30mins NT$ 1,600
    60mins NT$ 3,000
    Leg Relaxation
    Begin from the salt bath and gentle exfoliation for your feet, then a rhythm massage on your feet and legs to activate the blood circulation, ease the fatigue of your feet and legs for a thoroughly relaxation.
    40mins / NT$ 1,800
    Facial Hydrating Care
    Treating with a deep cleansing, exfoliating skin care, revitalizing massage and a moisturizing mask to refresh the facial skin.
    40mins / NT$2000
    Facial Oxy-permeation Care
    An additional shoulders and neck relaxation therapy with essential oil to release the facial tension after the deep cleansing, exfoliation care and moisturizing treatment to activate the lymphatic circulation of the facial skin.
    60mins / NT$3000
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