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Refund procedures for Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers refund procedures
  • The discount gift voucher set should be returned along with the giveaways; customers have to pay the price of the giveaways before they get a refund of the purchase price.
  • When returning discount vouchers, customers have to pay the difference between the face value of the meal voucher and the price paid for the voucher. Customers can have a full refund of the purchase price for unused vouchers.
  • 3% of service fee will be charged upon refund is status on the voucher issued after 2021/1/1.

To return vouchers, the following documents are required:
  1. Original vouchers, original receipt, giveaways, and proof of payment
  2. ​The Buyer specified on the receipt can receive a refund by presenting the document for sales refund allowance.
  3. When the buyer specified on the receipt is a company, the document for sales refund allowance should be delivered with the company’ invoice stamp.
  4. ​The buyer shall be refunded in the same way that he or she paid for the voucher. Customers who purchased the vouchers can have the refund remitted to their designated accounts.
  5. Customers who paid using credit card cannot get the refund in cash. The refund would be wired to the account of the credit card holder according to bank policy.
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