Wei Fang

Wei Fang Chinese restaurant was led by Chef Richard Chung who serve up Cantonese cuisine with the freshest ingredients gotten from the markets and presenting the recommended menu of the Michelin Guide for many years.
  • The restaurant is located on the second floor of hotel’s Main Building. With over 40 years Cantonese cooking experiences, Chef Richard Chung leads his team and create a delightful Cantonese feast with presenting the recommended menu of the Michelin Guide. Wei Fang restaurant serve up the classic private appetizer, Pei Fung Tong Style cuisine, traditional Cantonese Claypot Indulgence and soups which brings out the extraordinary and variety flavors of Cantonese cuisine. The Wei Fang Chinese restaurant has an elegantly eye-pleasing and comfortable ambience to let you enjoy a Cantonese style cuisine.

    The restaurant has a seating capacity of 146 and 6 independent private dining rooms; namely, the Tung flower room, the Orchid room, the Lotus Flower room, the Jasmine room, the Sweet Osmanthus room, and the Plum blossom room. There is also a cocktail bar seating area separated by chiffon drapes to offer individual diners some privacy.

  • Lunch  11:30~14:00
    Dinner  17:30~21:00
    • Guests who bring their own alcoholic beverages to the restaurant will be charged a corkage fee (NT$ 800 for each bottle of liquors / NT$ 300 for each bottle of wine).
    • There may be price adjustments during special holidays and promotions. Please check with the restaurant for any announcement.

      Providing 4 hours parking during the dining.
      Hotel provide parking space for Room guests during the stay.
      The charge NTD80/hour during the non-stay and dining period,with a maximum limit of $1,000 per day.

      For reservations, please call: 03-398-0988 ext. 3950
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