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Shihmen Reservoir

(Pictures and introduction are provided by Taoyuan Travel)

Attraction Highlights
-Palatable Shimen -hundreds of ways to enjoy fresh fish.
-Lake boat cruise — enjoy the scenery in the park in one go.
-Hot air balloon festival — spectacular view from the air.
-Flowers bloom all year round — cherry blossoms in the spring, tung flowers in the summer, maple leaves in the autumn, and plum blossoms in the winter.
-Top runners gather together—marathon around the reservoir.景點照片_191217_0014
Shihmen Reservoir is reputed for its beautiful lake and mountain views all year round. Connected to over a dozen tourist attractions, the Reservoir offers green parks, bikeways, lake yachts, dam, spillway, wharf, Xizhou Park, Maple Park, Nanyuan Ecological Park, and so on. 

Shihmen Reservoir is also a great place to admire the magnificent beauty of flowers and leaves. Fiery maple leaves and snow-white plum blossoms catch your eye in the wintertime. When spring comes, the peach, cherry and azalea bloom to compete for visitors’ attention with their captivating beauty. In the rainy season, Shihmen Dam will discharge its water, providing a spectacular view that attracts a great number of tourists. 

Fresh Fish Cuisine is the specialty of the Shihmen Reservoir area. Every fresh fish restaurant has its own creative recipes and tourists can feast on the fresh fish prepared in nearly 200 different ways. 

  • TEL03-4712000#101
  • FAX03-4712981
Facilities:Visitor Center/Introductory Lecture/Viewing Deck/Bus Station/Toilet/Parking Lot/Shop/Police Station/Hiking Trail
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Distance 42.4 Km
Driving time 44 Minute