• Taoyuan International Baseball Stadium

    "Taoyuan International Baseball Stadium" is located in Zhongli's Qingpu Special District; it sits at the border between Taoyuan City's Zhongli and Dayuan Districts.

  • Yongan Fishing Harbor

    Formerly known as Kantouwu Port, Yongan Fishing Harbor is located at the estuary of Shezu Creek. A great recreational place for families to cycle together and feast on seafood, it is not far from the Green Tunnel and is easily accessible by bicycle.

  • Xihai Flower Garden Zone

    You can have fun whether riding a bicycle and roaming leisurely through the ridges of the boundless orange Cosmos bipinnatus, or walk into the sunflower fields and feel the extreme romance of being surrounded by the sea of flowers.

  • Shihmen Reservoir

    Shihmen Reservoir is reputed for its beautiful lake and mountain views all year round.

  • Cihu Mausoleum

    Cihu Mausoleum is known as the final resting place of the late President Chiang Kai-Shek, as well as a place for anyone who would like to pay tribute to this significant person in history.

  • Daxi Old Street

    When traveling in Taoyuan, be sure to visit Daxi Old Street, where you will experience the true Taiwanese flavor!

  • Zhuwei Fishing Harbor

    Zhuwei Fishing Harbor is a fishing port with recreational function in northern Taoyuan; its beautiful scenery also attracted the crew of the TV drama, “PS Man” to shoot here. There is a rainbow bridge at the northern entry of Zhuwei Fishing Harbor. This Nielson-Lohse steel arch bridge has become a popular landmark, making the fishing port more romantic at night.